Saturday, December 1, 2018

Bandon Beach Boardwalk

This is just part of the magnificent boardwalk in Bandon, Oregon. It is nestled next to the Coquille River on the Southern Oregon Coast and, very close to the beach and Pacific Ocean.

The capture was made early on a Sunday one is up and about! The boardwalk is actually an impressive outside art gallery with masterful wood carvings.

There are many arty type benches on the boardwalk. They are no more than 50 steps from one to another. Very unique in itself! 

There are a number of outstanding wooden sculptures. For example, there are: Dolphin, Crab, Octopus, Seal, Sea Horse, Totem Pole and Orca wood sculptures.

You can find them scattered along this riverside promenade. To the right,  in the photo is a beautiful glass-sided picnic shelter with a wonderful view of the Coquille River and surrounding areas.

Bandon Beach Boardwalk (Link) 

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