Wednesday, November 7, 2018


 The "Aguero" is a fishing vessel, located in Newport on the Oregon Coast. Aquero, in Spanish translates to "omen"! 

One meaning is that it is a bad omen for fishermen to learn how to swim?? However, we can assume that the name "Aguero" on this vessel is intended to be a "good omen", whether you can swim or not!

The "Aguero" is moored in Yaquina Bay. Newport boosts the largest fishing fleet in Oregon and possibly the West Coast. This scene features a heavy fog early in the morning.

 This capture has been converted to digital painting. However, it's not that simple! Three different exposures were taken of the Aguero, combined to bring out all the dynamics of the scene...combining light, color to make the image more vibrant. Then the results were turned into a digital painting.

Aquero (Link)

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