Thursday, December 12, 2019

1930 Ford V8 Model A Hot Rod

A  Model A Ford Convertible Hot Rod is in pristine condition.

Of course, many modifications have been made to it since it was originally manufactured but, all for the better!  You could have purchased this fine roadster for around $1400 in 1930. Today, that might get you the tires!

This capture was made at a very busy car show! Any photographer will tell you that is is very difficult to photograph at car shows because of people, and usually some type of signage.

To be blunt, I was lucky to get this shot!

Hot Rodders refer the to Model  As as A-Bones. The Model A was Ford's number two success after the previous Model T.

The logic is kind of funny here...Model A following Model T...maybe should have been a "B' rather than "T".

This image has been converted to High Dynamic Range (HDR) by combining three different exposures to give the image more detail and color.

1930 Ford V8 Model A Hot Rod (LINK) 

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