Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cool Coffee Mugs

Discover the cool ceramic coffee mugs that I have on my personal Pixel website! They feature unique graphics and photography work at a great price.

I travel all over to capture unique images for my Pixel website. 

The mugs come in two sizes 11 oz and 15 oz and are dishwasher safe. They make for great gifts for him or her!

They are designed to add a splash of color and style to anyone's home.

Click on any one mug featured below, now to check out prices. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Hobo Junction (Link) "Hobo Junction" is on Long Beach, Peninsula in Washington State and features tons of nautical decor. And, probably more in one place than you will ever experience in other places like them combined!.

A Tree By The Sea (Link) This is a capture of an unusual tree located on a beach in Crescent City, California next to the Battery Point Light, which is a historic lighthouse and was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast. The wind from the Pacific Ocean has formed this tree into an abstract form. Because of the wind, the tree is growing in many directions and, doubling up into itself. Sometimes nature's art can be extremely well done and cannot be duplicated by anyone.
In The Fog (Link) Trinidad Head Lighthouse is located on the Northern California Coast...of course in the town of Trinidad! The capture was made on a rather foggy day. The original lighthouse was built in 1871 and, consisted of a small two-story light tower, a Victorian style residence, and a barn.
1912 Indian (Link)  This is a cool 1912, and classic Indian Motorcycle! They started manufacturing the bike back in 1901. Maybe you remember the movie "The World Fastest Indian" starring Anthony Hopkins. In the early 1900s the Indian Motorcycle was the largest produced motorcycle in the world.
Red Hot Ford (Link) This is just a beautiful circa 1934 Ford hot rod sitting on a side street in a town in Oregon! Actually, it might be more accurate to say an antique car that has been restored to original condition.
The "Aguero"  (Link) is a fishing vessel, located in Newport on the Oregon Coast. Aquero, in Spanish translates to "omen"!  One meaning is that it is a bad omen for fishermen to learn how to swim?? However, we can assume that the name "Aguero" on this vessel is intended to be a "good omen", whether you can swim or not!

You can also purchase this image in a variety of ways, wall art, life style, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, phone cases, beach. please see the link below this image and /or the slide shows below and, on the left side bar!

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