Monday, October 31, 2011

North Oregon Coast Photography | Astoria

A Tugboat Moored At a Pier On The Columbia River

The first photographs in this series were taken at Fort Clatsop. The second is not New York, and a real favorite place to go.

Astoria is one of the most charming places in Oregon to visit. Lots of cool houses and lots of things to do and see. The hangup is: “The Weather”!

Even if the weather was half as nice as Monterey you wouldn't be able to get within twenty miles of the place. Ooh, as an Oregonian I hope the weather stays like it is!

Here are some pics of the area. Just a real touristy things except the Flavel House! All are High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). Enjoy!

One Of Just a Few Cool Murals In Astoria
Astoria Mural
Astoria Trolley
OK I Couldn't Resist But To Do An Old Bus In a Nearby Junk Yard Outside Of Astoria

 Flavel House
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