Thursday, November 3, 2011

Willamette Historic District In West Linn

Historic Willamette Storefront
My home in Oregon City is almost directly across the Willamette River from the Willamette Historic District in West Linn, Oregon. It's a little confusing since when you enter this Historic District it looks very much looks like a town and a separate entity from the place it is incorporated with...West Linn.

In fact, West Linn (The Big Brother) itself does not have a downtown...but, Willamette does!

The folks in the Willamette District have taken the “bull by the horns” and have blended a historic place with a lot of new facades without destroying the old. It has developed into a superb place to visit, shop and eat.

There were so many cars parked and zooming by I should have taken the photos in the early AM.
I will do that on a nice day maybe next spring.

They also have a super nice park (Willamette Park) that is on the Willamette River. So, not only did I photograph Historic Willamette I also took a couple of shots in the park.

All photos are High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). Enjoy!

Historic Willamette General Store
Historic Willamette General Store..They have Everything!

Historic Willamette Storefront
Historic Willamette Storefront
Down the Block
Across the Street
This Should Read Willamette Saloon
Downtown Yard Art 
Upper Willamette River From the Park
Ramp to the Dock
One Little Tree In Willamette Park
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