Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crown Point Vista House

Crown Point Vista House
One of the cool places to visit in Oregon is the Crown Point Vista House which is located in the Columbia Gorge. Actually, it should be the first place you visit if you are going to tour the Gorge and it's not far from Portland.

It was built, circa 1917 as a scenic wayside as folks were traveling on the old Columbia River Highway to get to other scenic spots up the Gorge. It's a must place to has a panoramic view that won't wait and a cool gift shop.

Because it's way up high over the Columbia and I84, most folks don't even bother with the Visit House. Big mistake!

Unfortunately, most tourist stop at Multnomah Falls as they drive down 84 and that is as far as they get. 

The photo of the Crown Point House, and the shot across the river, as shown here were taken ten years ago on a 4 megapixel point and shot camera. Recently, I converted it to High Dynamic Range (HDR) and tried bring out some of the detail of both scenes.

View from the Vista House
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