Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Willamette Queen Sternwheeler

Willamette Queen

Sternwheeler, steamboat, paddle-wheeler, whatever you want to call it the "Willamette Queen" is a colorful steamboat situated at Riverfront City Park in Salem, Oregon. And, colorful cannot be overstated.

Richard Chesbrough who is the owner and Captain of the vessel was so kind as to let me come aboard and photograph whatever I wanted to photograph. They were very busy getting ready for a luncheon excursion and could have told me to buzz off, but he didn't.

This always tells me a lot about folks, so I am going to give them a plug! It is available for excursions, dinners, lunches, weddings, you name it... 200 Waterstreet North East, Salem,OR 97301 (503) 371-1103.

Although, most of the photos here were taken inside, it was a super foggy day outside. And, I couldn't get a full shot of the vessel without incorporating fences and so forth.

Also, in this same park is a carousel and a superb sculpture of Governor Tom McCall. In my opinion Oregon's finest governor ever. Please enjoy!

Willamette Queen

Willamette Queen Buffet Tables

Willamette Queen Dining Area

Willamette Queen Bridge-Elvis was there!

Willamette Queen Bridge-Controls are off to the right!

More Willamette Queen Bridge

Governor Tom McCall

Riverfront City Park Carousel in Salem, Oregon
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