Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portland Night Views

Portland, Oregon has a nice skyline that is especially cool to photograph at night. There is an excellent view on the east bank, across the Willamette River of downtown.

This was my first attempt at any serious night photography and was, to say the least, a learning experience. I was with a group who were basically shooting the same thing.  Lots of fancy and very expensive high-end cameras way beyond my Pentax Kx.

The folks that headed up the group experience are accomplished professional photographers and they were helpful getting us all started. They picked May 5th because of Cinco De Mayo and you'll see the Ferris Wheel from the festivities across the river.

The photos here are in sequence, starting with the Hawthorne Bridge and ending at the Union Train Station.  They represent the different phases of night photography, Sunset, Late Twilight (Blue Hour) and Astro Dark.

Portland Night Views-Long Exposure Blurs the Tail Lights on the Hawthorne Bridge

Portland Night Views-The Long Exposure Blurs The Boat!

Portland Night Views-Blue Hour

Portland At Night-Morrison St.Bridge-Still Blue Hour, But Getting Darker

Portland At Night-Astro Dark at Union Station
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