Saturday, February 16, 2013

How About Gresham,OR

Gresham is Oregon's fourth most populated city with over 100,000 folks and, Gee! parking meters. It is located east of Portland and is close to the Columbia Gorge.

It has a great little historic downtown area with a few gift shops and tons of eating places. It has been awhile since we visited Gresham...would have liked more gift shops to visit however, the economy being what it is.

The first photo here is a outdoor sculpture in front of the Gresham Historical Museum, which was closed. This is an absolutely gorgeous art piece!

The rest are sort of random shots here and there. Please enjoy!

Outdoor Sculptures

Gresham, OR

Gresham, OR

Gresham, OR

LittleLamb and Ewe Gresham, OR

Main Street Gresham, OR

The Hoppy Brewer Gresham, OR

The Hoppy Brewer Gresham, Oregon

Off The Wall Gresham, Oregon

Nicholas Restaurant Gresham, Oregon
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