Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Salem Oregon

Most folks know, unless you are brain dead, that Salem is the capitol of Oregon. But, it's also a neat place to visit.

My wife is from Salem so, it's a no brainer that we visit quite often since she has family there. Also, when we go to the Coast, depending upon what part we are going to, drive down from Oregon City and cross over from there to the Oregon Coast.

Salem has a cool downtown area. It's just fun to walk around, take things in, and maybe take a few photos...which I do.

On this trip we walked the Pringle Creek Trail. (Photos one and four).

The second and third shots are of the Grand Hotel on Liberty Street. A first-class place to stay and a place where they don't gouge you every time you turn around.

The last photo is a building on the Willamette University Campus. Enjoy!

Shelton Creek Salem Oregon

Grand Hotel Salem Oregon

Grand Hotel Salem Oregon

Shelton Creek Salem Oregon

Willamette University

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