Friday, May 17, 2013

Best Sellers in Digital SLR Cameras

CanonEOS Rebel T4i 

It's very confusing if you are in the market for a Digital SLR camera. I hope to narrow the field down a tad by listing some of the best selling cameras on Amazon.

I am not going to overwhelm you with specs. It should be about how good the pictures come out with any camera you decide to purchase.

The cameras listed here are, for the most part all entry level DSLRs except the Canon 5d Mark lll. The competition is fierce at the entry level and, regardless of what camera you choose, you should get a quality and reliable product with either Canon or a Nikon.

Nothing is listed unless it has at least a 4 point rating out of 5.  The ten cameras below have been in the top 100 in sales for an average of 561 days a piece.

I didn't list price because that can change rapidly. I didn't list megapixels either. Don't base your decision to buy a particular camera on that basis alone.

Cameras listed here come with or without lenses. You can get a good camera, with a good starter lens, at a good price, and decide later about adding other specialized lenses.

Clicking on the links below will take you to the appropriate Amazon product.  I make a small commission if you decide to purchase a particular camera. It helps keep the blog going.

1)  CanonEOS Rebel T3i

2)  CanonEOS Rebel T4i 

3)  Nikon D3100 

4)  CanonEOS Rebel T3

5)  NikonD7100 

6)  NikonD3200 

7)  NikonD5100 

8)  CanonEOS 60D

9)  NikonD7000 

10)CanonEOS 5D Mark III 

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