Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things To Do In Vancouver WA

My wife and I live relatively close to Vancouver, Washington and it is always a treat to cross the
Columbia River from Oregon and visit their outstanding town (they have been nationally recognized as most livable).

With my trusty Point and Shoot, my wife and I traveled around town for many miles capturing as many interesting and historical spots as possible.

The first photo here is of a mural in the Downtown area. Pearson Field is historic and home to many a vintage plane. Although, I think it is being moved or closed permanently.

The next two photos are of the House of Providence built in 1873 which is now called the "Academy".

The fourth photo is one of the art pieces in the "Sculpture Garden" that is Downtown.

The fifth and sixth photos are of the most beautiful library you have ever seen. Both shots were taken of walls looking up from the ground floor up to the fourth floor.

Pearson Field Mural

House of Providence

House of Providence

City of Vancouver Washington

Vancouver Washington Library

Vancouver Washington Library

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