Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower Garden Pictures Seven

We have flowers galore in our yard. Pictured here are an English Roses, a Day Lilies, a Mr. Lincoln Rose and a Yellow Dahlia.

We have a huge yard with lots of flowers. Lots of hanging baskets, grapes, blue berries, raspberries and of course two vegetable gardens.

Please enjoy!

A great and recommended book from Amazon: Flowers By Carolyne Roehm  (With a gardener’s understanding and a an elegant eye, the author shows us the flowers she has cultivated for decades in and around her historic Connecticut home. While alternating dramatic close-ups with portraits of lovely arrangements and sweeping views of her land, Roehm writes with wit, emotion, and affection of what flowers have meant to her, as well as of the joys and travails of the committed gardener’s life.)

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English Rose

Day Lily

Mr.Lincoln Rose


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