Sunday, August 25, 2013

Swan Island Dahlias Redux

Swan Island Dahlias are the premier and the largest dahlia grower in the world. Fortunately, they are a short drive from my home and I can peek in on them all during the growing season.

It is a place you have to go to personally to appreciate.  My photos do not do them justice.

Red Dinner Plate Dahlias

Yellow Dahlias
1) Encyclopedia of Dahlias (In this delightful and profusely illustrated encyclopedia, noted hybridizer and nurseryman Bill McClaren provides an authoritative account of garden-worthy dahlias for every garden design. Nearly 700 selections are included, complete with notes on their history, awards, and cultural peculiarities. Additional chapters on dahlia care and propagation, dahlia species in nature, hybridizing, and showing dahlias add to this well-rounded overview. Thorough appendices with resources on dahlia societies, nurseries, and gardens complete the book.)

2) Dahlias: A Colour Guide (A Colour Guide profiles some 1,800 varieties of this stunning popular flower. Arranged in alphabetical order, and illustrated throughout with over 500 color photographs, it is essential for both dahlia enthusiasts and exhibitors.)

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Purple Dahlias

Orange Dahlias

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