Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Business Signs

While walking through the Sellwood Neighborhood in southeast Portland, Oregon, you can't help but notice all the cool business signs whether they are menus, names of businesses or otherwise.

The first one here comes from "Weenies From Another World". It's on the side of a food cart/trailer. Portland is the food cart capital of the world and you would be surprised at the innovation that takes place in this very competitive business

Also, Portland has a lot of bicyclist and Sellwood Cycle Repair, in the second photo, fits right in.

The third photo is from "Sock Dreams". Bet you can't guess what they specialize in?

The fourth sign is "Bishops".

And, last but not least "Psychic Nights"...a homemade outdoor street sign.

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Business Signs

Business Signs

Business Signs

Business Signs

Outdoor Business Signs
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