Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jambalaya Cook Off Lincoln City

Attended the Annual Jambalaya Cook-Off in Lincoln City, Oregon on February 1, 2014. Now, you wouldn't think that this would be as popular as a Clam Chowder Cook-Off on the Oregon Coast...well?

Judging by the amount of people crammed into the "Culinary Center" in Lincoln City, you might say it is...and, it ain't even Louisiana. There were six groups competing for the title of "Best Jambalaya"...Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Deli 101, Gumbo Goddess Catering, Pelican Pub and Brewery, Rockfish Bakery and Vivians's Restaurant.

You buy six poker chips, for three bucks and go around and get a small sample from each competitor. Of course, you can get bigger samples but they are extra.

Everybody gets to vote on the winner. I can't tell you in this post who won because I didn't stay for the final results. However, I did cast my vote for "Gumbo Goddess Catering" (only one counting) with Vivian's second and Deli 101 third.

I will put in a plug for the "Deli 101"...located on, guess where in Lincoln City? He is not open in the winter months but, when he is, you will never get a better or bigger sandwich anywhere.

The band was cool...the Ivie-Meziere Trio!

After the Jambalaya tasting, they served "King Cakes" to everyone. For me, kind of a giant doughnut with three different colored frosting. All in all, the event was great fun and entertainment on the cheap!

Jambalaya Cook Off Lincoln City

Jambalaya Cook Off Lincoln City

Ivie-Meziere Trio

Jambalaya Cook Off Lincoln City

Jambalaya Cook Off Lincoln City

King Cakes

View From The Culinary Center In Lincoln City

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