Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Newport Walking Club

Since moving to Newport, Oregon my wife and I have joined two walking clubs...the Newport Ramblers and the Newport Walking Club.

The Ramblers go up and down the Central Coast for walks and, are held usually in the morning. Whereas, the "Walking Club" sticks to an evening schedule that starts at 5:15 PM and walks Newport proper. The latter being more in tune with working folks.

The walking route that we took on St. Paddy's Day started at the Newport Library went east across Highway 101 and then southeast overlooking Yaquina Bay. Back under 101 to Yaquina Bay State park and then to Nye Beach and, back up to the Library.

Besides being a very scenic walk, add to that, comradery, photo ops and, working toward a healthy heart. 

I didn't photograph every inch of the walk. I started probably after a mile or so. The first two photos are out of sequence but, after that are in order of the walk we took.

Newport Walking Club

Yaquina Bay - NOAA Vessels
Yaquina Bay Jettys

Yaquina Bay State Park Lighthouse

Fishermen's Memorial Sanctuary - Yaquina Bay State Park

Yaquina Bay State Park

Stained Glass 

Shilo Inn Cafe - Newport Oregon

Overlooking Nye Beach


Nye Beach

Nana's Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day

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