Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club

My wife and I had the privilege of walking with the Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club on the first of July 2014.  The walk took place in South Beach (Newport, Oregon).

I didn't count...maybe a dozen walkers, total. The walk started at the end of the pier in the first photo, in which my wife and I did the 5K versus the 7K walk, ending at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and looping back.

Lots of things to see on your way. The pier is cool. You step out almost to the middle of the Yaquina Bay. You'll see people crabbing and fishing...maybe more crabbing.

You walk past the main Rogue Brewery and head to the NOAA building and then join the Hatfield Estuary Trail, which is magneficent.

As you walk the trail, you pass past the front of the Hatfield Marine Science Center. On the trail, you normally see a variety of birds.

However, we didn't see too many while on the trail, like we do normally during the winter and spring months.

Although, there was one birder, complete with binoculars, we ran across. He was looking for a Grey catbird, spotted earlier...not native to the area at all.

Next, we entered through the rear entrance of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, with permission,  and then we headed back to the start.

To sum things up: It was a great walk on a beautiful day. It didn't rain once. However, for folks wanting to move to Newport, don't get your hopes up...there is only one sunny day per year on average! And, that's pushing it!

Port Of Newport Public Fishing Pier

A Scroungy Looking Seagull Out On The Pier!

Bridging The Waters

This Guy In The Kayat Was Moving Fast In Yaquina Bay!

I Bet You Can't Guess What State Track Town Is Located In?

Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club Walking Toward NOAA Headquarters

Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club Starting to Walk The Hatfield Estuary Trail

Yachats Coastal Gems Volkssport Club On The Hatfield Estuary Trail

Kid Clamming In Low Tide In Yaquina Bay

South Beach Marina In Newport, Oregon

Oregon Coast Aquarium Entrance In Newport, Oregon

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