Friday, July 18, 2014

Yaquina Bay Charters

On Wednesday, July 16th got to go fishing and crabbing with Yaquina Bay Charters. We went specifically for Coho Salmon and Dungeness Crab.

These are not bad things to go after...price out salmon and crab in whatever order.

We didn't have, what you would call a banner day. Out of ten folks fishing for Coho there were only six keepers...there were a bunch more fish caught and thrown back. We were only allowed to catch hatchery fish and, no wild ones according to Fish and Game Rules.

Crabbing-wise, we hauled in a bunch, but only legal sized males. We ended up with fourteen keepers.

This is not to bad mouth Yaquina Bay Charters...they did everything they could to help us catch fish and crabs. It's simple! The fish weren't biting! Crabbing is not at a peak yet.

You go out anywhere from 15 to 17 miles out to catch Coho. Ten Crab Pots were distributed about a mile out from the Yaquina Bay Jetty. Each person gets a Crab Pot. The crew baits them and throws them overboard but, on the way back from fishing you get to pull them up.

Yaquina Bay Charters | Coming In After Fishing

Yaquina Bay Charters | Out About 15 Miles Out To Sea

Yaquina Bay Charters | Pulling In The Crabs

Yaquina Bay Charters | View Of The Historic Bayfront

Yaquina Bay Charters | One Of The NOAA Ships

Yaquina Bay Charters | Both NOAA Ships

Yaquina Bay Charters | Das Boot

Yaquina Bay Charters | The Catch

The Crab Cooker

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