Friday, October 10, 2014

Marine Discovery Tours - Newport

Young folks. like myself get around! One rainy day, not so long ago my wife and I went on a Marine Discovery Tour in Newport, Oregon. Hey! A river cruise.

It was for seniors only and, for the most part, locals only. The weather had been beautiful weeks before and weeks after but, not that day.

The boat tour consisted of going up the Yaquina River as far as an oyster processing plant and, back again, with a side trip under the Yaquina Bay Bridge, almost to the bar but not quite.

Actually, a pretty long cruise. Lots of great snack food was provided by the local Newport Senior Center.

The crew was first-class, informative about the area and, treated us extremely well! We will cruise with them again in a heartbeat!

The first shot here is of some of the seafood plants on the Bayfront, with the Bay Bridge in the background.

Marine Discovery Tours

Das Boot - Marine Discovery Tours
 It's "boat safety" indoctrination time before we set sail!

Marine Discovery Tours
 A marine salvage place along the way!

Marine Discovery Tours
 A couple of younger gals enjoying the cruise!

Marine Discovery Tours
 A break in the weather...everybody is outside!

Marine Discovery Tours
There were a couple of crab rings thrown overboard on the way and they are explaining about what crabs to keep and those not to keep!

Marine Discovery Tours
 Heading back from the bar and to the Bayfront!

Marine Discovery Tours
 One of the NOAA ships moored in South Beach!

NOAA Vessel
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