Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Tower Bridge In Old Sacramento

The Tower Bridge is in Old Town Sacramento, California...a draw bridge that spans the Sacramento River. It's just one of those cool, nostalgic bridges that you run across ever so often.

In years past, the bridge was painted sort of a silver aluminum color. Folks complained about the glare off of the paint.

In 1976 the Tower Bridge was painted a yellow-ochre color to match the gold leafed cupola on the nearby State Capitol. As years past, the color didn't hold and a new color scheme was voted in.

They voted in an "all gold" color. In 1982, the Tower Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The image has been converted to a digital painting that I hope you enjoy. If you would like to explore this image, or others, please see links below the image!

The Tower Bridge In Old Sacramento (LINK)

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