Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jerry's Rogue River Tours

The Rogue River in Gold Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast and, Pacific Northwest is one of the most famous rivers in Oregon. A lot of it has to do with rafting and fishing but, there is also Jerry's Rogue River Jet Boat Tours.

There is the 64 mile mail boat route, yes, they deliver real mail! And, then for real boys and girls there is the 104 mile wilderness whitewater excursion.

Proud to say, that I have been on the 64 mile one. It is a blast! You head upstream to a place called Agness, where they deliver the mail to.

You have lunch there and head back downstream. The jet boat travels at a high rate of speed, to say the least.

However, the pilot stops regularly to point places of interest, wildlife and historical facts and cools the speed thing. It is a must do adventure! 

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Jerry's Rogue River Tours (LINK)

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