Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bridges Of The World

The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport on the Oregon Coast is one of the most recognizable bridges in Oregon. It was designed by Conde McCullough and built in the art deco style in 1936.

Mr. McCullough was an American bridge engineer who is famous for designing many of Oregon's coastal bridges on U.S. Route 101. This capture was made early in the morning during the winter where the sun rises in the southeast. There is a orange tinge around parts of the bridge from the sunrise.

In the background is Yaquina Bay and South Beach. You can also make out a pier that juts half way across the Bay...look under the main arch of the bridge. Folks fish and crab from this pier with excellent results.

In the background is the Coast Range. The flat top mountain is Mary's Peak and is some 45 miles away. This magnificent bridge surely qualifies as one of the "Bridges of the World"!

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