Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fishing Vessel Wall Art

Newport on the Central Oregon Coast has the largest fishing fleet in Oregon. One of the main reasons for this is a fairly accessible bar to cross.

Since I reside in Newport, it is easy to capture different fishing vessels in all types of settings. Most fishing boats are moored next to the Historic Bayfront.

Yes! You can purchase these image in a variety of ways, wall art, life style, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, phone cases, mugs. Please see the link below each image!

Fishing Vessel Wall Art (LINK) "Thunder" is an old fishing vessel (F/V). Fishing is her pleasure...rain or shine! She is rough and tough but, that's what the fishing business is all about.
F/V Sylvia (LINK) The "Sylvia is moored by herself on the Bayfront so I was able to get an exclusive shot of her. In February of 2014, the F/V (Fishing Vessel) Sylvia was at sea and reported taking on water, that her pumps could not stay ahead of the leak. Bad news! The Coast Guard went to the rescue. However, the crew of the Sylvia were able to fire up a third pump which helped immensely. The Coast Guard installed another pump yet, got the water level down and patched the leak. The original image was converted into a digital painting.

Port Of Newport Dock No 7 (LINK) You can visit many docksides, here and there but, you will find that the ones in Newport on the Oregon Coast are working docks. This means that the fishing boats are not just for show, they go out to sea and catch fish and crab and bring them back to the dockside canneries. Lots of hard work! Usually, during fishing and  crabbing seasons these docks are a beehive of activity. When this scene was captured the bar and seas were rough and everyone was in port. Don't let the blue skys fool you! It was a peaceful scene...nobody was out fishing however, some were working on their boats to get them prepared for the next good fishing day! This image was converted into a digital painting!
Cod Father (LINK) The Cod Father is the fishing vessel just right of the Challenge. The setting is early morning and the sun is shining brightly on the Historic Bayfront off to the right.
Evolution (LINK) Most commercial fisherman take very good care of their boats. They have too to survive out at sea. The scene is a drizzly, foggy morning at Dock 5 on the Historic Bayfront. Most boats are in, conditions at sea aren't real great and it is probably to dangerous to go out and fish due to sea conditions. This image has been converted to a digital painting.
Old Dragger Boat (LINK) Toledo, Oregon is the home to this cool old Dragger Boat. Most folks call them trawlers. Either term is just fine! Looking it over, it looked to be a retired Dragger. The boat has obviously been reconditioned...nice white paint and the mahogany trim refurbished. Back to the setting. Toledo is seven miles inland from Newport on the Oregon Coast. They share the same river, the Yaquina. As you take the Old Bay Road from Newport to Toledo, you run across these docks that these cool old boats are moored at. 

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