Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oregon City Photography In HDR

Oregon City, Oregon is full of cool historic homes.  Pre capita, probably more than any place in Oregon, and it is the seat of the original "End of the Oregon Trail".

My wife came up with the idea of featuring different period homes in Oregon City.  And, there are a slug of them so I doubt that I will get to them all.

It's also impossible to do them all in one post...so, stay tuned!  Also, I am very appreciative of people's privacy.  All photos are taken with home owner permission.  All the photos taken here are High Dynamic Range Photography or HDR.

The home owners were busy working on a wing of the fist house featured here, so you are not seeing all of the house. Of all the cool houses in Oregon City, this is my wife's favorite.  My photos are not doing it justice...believe me.

Morton Mathew McCarver House C1850

Ainsworth House C 1851
The Ainsworth House grounds are a setting for weddings and special events and occupies which looks like a half a city block.  There are all kinds of outbuildings and gardens. A beautiful setting!

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