Sunday, October 16, 2011

Troutdale Photography In HDR

Troutdale Gazebo
Troutdale, Oregon is a tad off of I84, maybe fifteen minutes east of Portland, and on the way to the Columbia Gorge. It possesses a quaint, little and cool downtown, with neat cool facades in front of most of the buildings.

So, if you are a tourist, it is located close to a major tourist-trap-type-outlet-mall...Drive a block up the street. Hey! And, when you get there, I guess you could call their downtown a bit of a tourist trap, too, but "without the gouging thingy"!  It's a must and wonderful place to, make a decision...VISIT!

They feature a nice/neat/sanitary General Store, that I would have immensley liked to have gone to inside and photographed , but they plain don't allow it. Their store displays are outstanding and I can understand them not wanting to divulge their trade secrets to sneaky low life competitors.

My wife and I had lunch at a place called "Ristorante Di Pompello". Absolutely outstanding!  I'm giving them a plug...maybe PLUG! They deserve it! Best and Italian food around! And, I am a mean Italian Food Lover!

All the photos here were shot in High Dynamic Range (HDR) and processed thru Photomatix and Photoshop Elements. Please enjoy!

Troutdale General Store

Down The Street

Ristorante Di Pompello

Some Troutdale Frontage

Tattoo Parlour

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