Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Milwaukie Oregon Photography | No, Not That Milwaukee!

This is a sculpture right next to City Hall in Milwaukie. Hey, if you look closely they have Xmas tree lights on the fir tree already! Holy Jumpin' Up And Down Martha!

Years ago, my wife and I lived in Milwaukie, Oregon. A spelling thing! Not spelled Milwaukee! It's a cool little place right on the border of Portland...but it's nothing like Portland!

It has a small downtown area with nice shops and restaurants and it seems like it is a million miles away from Portland. Few know that it is the home of “Dark Horse Comics”. 

Also, they have one of the coolest, world-class “Sunday Markets” anywhere, along with always great live music and great food. Ooh, and a lot of people that visit the Market come from Portland and probably from Milwaukee, too.

Like most of my other “My Oregon Photography Blog” posts I try not to photograph the obvious. I try to photograph the not-so-obvious.

Some golden leaves in downtown Milwaukie...They're free...you rake!

Another sculpture right next to Milwaukie's City Hall
This is a cool berry bush next to the Milwaukie Downtown Library
Ok! This is my favorite shot right next to the Milwaukie City Hall!

Not even one Oregon Duck would pose for me...so, it's all a big blurry mess!

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