Wednesday, November 16, 2011

West Coast Animal Park | They're Just Plain Animals!

West Coast Animal Park- I love you!

My wife and I love to go to Bandon, Oregon which is about twenty miles south of Coos Bay on the coast. Hands down one of the coolest beaches in Oregon. And, we drive a long ways to get there but we usually stay for a couple of weeks.

We have driven by it many times, but have never stopped at the West Coast Animal Park until our last visit to Bandon in the spring of 2011. It was a big mistake not to check it out before. 

It is a first-class theme park...both for kids and adults...the animals like it too! It is located about five miles south of Bandon on 101.  Didn't take the fancy DSLR into the Park. Instead just the plain P&S. I will let the photos do the talking!

West Coast Animal Park - A Group Hug?
West Coast Animal Park - I'm a Fox! What did you expect an ugly?
West Coast Animal Park - Can't quite keep the peepers open!
 West Coast Animal Park - Please join me for a nice lunch at my place! Come on in!

West Coast Animal Park - Don't bug me, baggin' some rays, man!
West Coast Animal Park - Rocks beat out any posturepedic mattress out there any day of the week!
 West Coast Animal Park - Ooh, and please don't to forget to bring a nice Chianti for lunch!

West Coast Animal Park - Bug me and I'll bug you, man!

West Coast Animal Park - Ooh, my darling...unleash me!
West Coast Animal Park - Pooh Bear? Got to find hony, hony, hony! I'm hungry for some hony!
West Coast Animal Park - Walk right up and pet me!

 West Coast Animal Park - For the Dumbies: Grab a tiger by the tail! 

West Coast Animal Park - A Vegan Lunch...what did you expect?

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  1. Such absolutely lovely photos! And it sure looks like you had a wonderful and sunny day at the zoo. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. they are soooo cute!!!!