Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silverton Oregon Photography in HDR

 Bobbie The Wonder Dog

Silverton, Oregon is the original home of Bobbie the Wonder Dog, a Collie mix that was separated from his family in 1923 while on vacation in Indiana.  Unfortunately, they didn't find Bobbie before having to return back home to Oregon and had to leave without him. 

Not to worry, six months and 2,800 miles later Bobbie returned home to Silverton, on his own, in the dead of winter across plains, deserts and mountains.  Impossible you say?

You may want to research and read more about this amazing dog.  If you are a dog lover, tears will come!

Anyway, Silverton is a cool town and a must place to visit if you ever venture to Oregon. It is about 20 miles from Salem. And, it's on the way to the famous Silver Creek Falls Park...Oregon's largest park.

I didn't include shots of downtown or neighborhoods.  It was too late in the day and movement (cars, people) of any kind is detrimental to HDR photography. Since at least one one exposure of three is long all you would see is blurry people and cars. See here for an explanation of HDR Photography.

I didn't go berserk and photograph everything...a later post will come with more.  For now, I photographed along the water (Silver Creek) that flows through downtown and a rather cool park. 

All the photos here were taken in HDR. Enjoy!

Looking at Silver Creek

A little bit of follage along Silver Creek
Entrance to the Park

The Park

One of many cool murals in Silverton...Never stop believing!

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