Monday, March 5, 2012

Foothills Park Lake Oswego

Foothills Park Lake Oswego
Foothills Park is one of the most pristine city parks you will ever visit, period, and is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  It borders the Willamette River and is just south of Portland.

It is a small park, but it's location, view, or whatever, is probably every greedy land/ housing developers' dream to have since the dawn of time!  If  you are thinking of moving from California to Oregon, keep this thought...the minute you cross the border, the sun only shines once a year... and that is at night while you are asleep.

Whoever in Lake Oswego (Had to be a cool City Planning Commission Person) years ago, had the foresight to purchase and hold this property, plan for a cool park someday, had to have "Oregon Folks" on their mind.

That's what I love about Oregon! Ooh, all photos here were taken at 2:30 AM!

First, some grasses in the Park:

Grasses at Foothills Park
Stafford Sculpture Foothills Park Lake Oswego
Ramp to the Boat dock-Foothills Park Lake Oswego
So, if you get bored walking around the park (Which I doubt!) there is a cool walkway along the river to the south. And, some "Hellebore" just as you enter the walkway. Hey! It's winter in Oregon.

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