Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meldrum Bar Park

Meldrum Bar Park
An all around nice is Meldrum Bar Park in Gladstone, Oregon.  There is a little bit for everybody.

It spans two rivers, the Clackamas and the Willamette. The main attraction is bank fishing. No matter what the weather, you will see lots of folks fishing from the banks...mainly, for salmon in late winter and through the spring.

But, fishing is only one thing. At one end of the park is huge soccer and ball field. Here there are folks flying model aircraft with electric motors.  There is plenty of room to do this and there are some impressive aircraft flying around the place.

Meldrum Bar Geese Playing Soccer
Meldrum Bar Park

Meldrum Bar Park

Two Geese By The Willamette
Meldrum Bar Park is not like the typical park you would find in Portland where there are, for example, basketball courts.  It's more of a nature park except for the soccer and ball fields.

It's a super nice place to take a walk. The puppy loves it! I usually park at the eastend of the park and take off from there. There is a nice walking path that parallels a golf course, walk the length of that and jog south toward the Clackamas River, hit the beach there and then come back along the Willamette until I get to a deadend at the northend, and then start back along the soccer fields.

It's a rather long walk. But, a very enjoyable walk.

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