Saturday, March 24, 2012

HDR Views From Oregon City

HDR Views

Decided to take some High Definition Range Photography (HDR) with a view from up high. My home is just a few blocks away from this old promenade spot in Oregon City, Oregon.

It's basically a scenic turnaround at the end of a dead end street. Hey! More of a lovers' hangout than anything else, not real busy, but on the fourth of July it's one “busy mother”. Folks come from all the neighborhoods to see the various firework displays at night.

Oregon City is south of Portland and is seven miles away....that is to Portland City boundaries. It's a lot further to downtown.

In this shots, you are seeing about 180 degrees. From where these shots were taken, it is 900 feet above sea level. Lot's of historic homes here in the foregrounds, like the McLoughlin House. 

I used two lenses...a wide angle and a 200 mm telephoto. Not real thrilled with the later for HDR shots...but, you are going to see them anyway.

What cities do you see in these photos: Oregon City, West Linn, Gladstone, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Portland. You also see the Willamette River and all the way into Washington. 

Portland Photography
The above shot is of downtown Portland...miles away. It looks like there is nothing but forest between where I am and Portland....Ha!

Oregon City Photography
A little bit of Oregon City above, and one below in B&W.

Oregon City Photography
View of Mt.Scott in Portland
Oregon City Photography
Oregon City Photography
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