Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flowers In The Yard | Two

I've been posting a lot about flowers lately and that's because most only bloom a short time.  As mentioned in an earlier post...Part One...we personally have a big yard which enables us to have lots and lots of flowers and plants.

The first photo is of an English Rose.  It's extremely fast growing and likes to get into the neighbor's yard.  So, we constantly have to prune it back.

One of the most unusual plants/flowers in our yard are Foxgloves.  We have three plants and every year they become more vibraint.  They call for partial shade and good drainage although ours are in full sun most of the day.   

Flowers In The Yard-English Roses

Flowers In The Yard

Flowers In The Yard - Foxglove

Flowers In The Yard

Flowers In The Yard - Columbine
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