Monday, August 13, 2012

Portland Tours | Pass The Orange Tomato Soup

If you read the first post on Portland Tours (Epicurean Excursion part of Portland Walking Tours) you would know that we had chocolate at Cacoa - Portland, Orange Tomato Soup at Flying Elephant Delicatessen and a dessert waffle at one of the food carts.  You did read the first post, right? Well, here's the link to the first post if you didn't: Portland Tours | Cool Walking Tours ! 

As we are walking down the street, there are cool places to take note of, namely the "Living Room Theater" and Powell's Book Store (the largest in the USA and second largest in the world). In between was a stop for gourmet coffee at the Courier Coffee Shop.

After the Courier stop we went to the Pearl Bakery in Portland's upscale Pearl District where Gus Van Sant   and k.d. Lang have lofts.  With the bakery being a pleasant and surprising stop on the tour. We donned hairnets and toured the back room of this huge bakery.  They offered a variety of gourmet breads and special EVOO to dip them in.

We passed more landmarks on our way to The Tea Zone and Camellia Lounge. Namely, the Portland Armory and Vera Katz Park...a small park named aptly after one of Portland's cool Mayors.

A Portland Landmark 

Courier Coffee Shop - Did you spot our exalted leader? (One with the beard, not the purse!)

Super Nice Gals (Cute, Too) Posing At The Pearl Bakery

Assortment Of Breads At The Pearl Bakery

Cool Folks Visiting From Alabama At The Pearl Bakery

One Of The Numerous Trolleys In Portland

Menu At The Tea Zone And Camellia Lounge

Tea And  Crumpets At The Tea Zone And Camellia Lounge

Folks At The Tea Zone And Camellia Lounge
It's another "time out" for Portland Tours...the "Epicurean Excursion", which is part of "Portland Walking Tours".  I'll wrap it up in the next couple of days.

Our exalted, beloved and competent tour guide was Adam Sawyer and he has a website at:  Adam Sawyer Professional Gentleman of Leisure. Click on his site! He was an excellent host on our Portland Walking Tour and it's worth taking a look at his personal page.
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