Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What To Do In Portland

There are many things to do in Portland and one of them is to take the "Epicurean Excursion", which is part of Portland Walking Tours.  Basically, it's a fun "foodie" experience, walking from one local and unique place to another and, sampling great food and beverages that are very much Portland and Oregon.

This is the third post on my personal experience with the "Epicurean Excursion".  So, if you want to go back to the beginning of the tour, here are the posts: Portland Tours | Cool Walking Tours and Portland Tours | Past The Orange Tomato Soup. In other words, you will probably get lost on the tour and, they will have to send out a rescue team if you don't go back and read the posts.

These posts are not meant to take you on the "tour". Maybe, just to get the juices running a tad and show you a few photos.

I live in Oregon City, which is a bit south of Portland and I visit Portland quite often. My wife and I were a little stunned on the tour.  We had no idea that some of the places on the tour even existed.

Not to mention the caliber of the places we visited. And,  places you just wouldn't necessarily visit on your own unless you knew about them.

We left off with The Tea Zone and Camellia Lounge on the previous post. We are in the Pearl District and heading toward Hot Lips Pizza and sample a delicious slice of gourmet veggie pizza.

Hot Lips is not one of those groaty pizza chains.  They are in the business of preparing and serving gourmet pizza and, if they indeed served groaty pizza they wouldn't last five minutes in the Pearl. 

Next, we board a trolley and head to the Benessere Olive Oils and Vinegars Shop.  We sample cool olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  A really rare experience.  Nobody in our tour group had a clue that there were so many varieties of oils and vinegars. A first-class establishment and an extremely helpful staff. 

Our last stop is the TartBerry Yogurt Shop.  It's back to the Hot Lips Pizza thing.  It's not some groaty chain, it's unique and their yogurt was delicious. We had the privilege of making up our very dish of yogurt and, you couldn't believe the selection of things you could add to the yogurt. 

Hot Lips Pizza In The Pearl

Hot Lips Pizza

Benessere Olive Oils and Vinegars

Benessere Olive Oils and Vinegars

Benessere Olive Oils and Vinegars

TartBerry - Portland

TartBerry - Portland
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