Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Art In Nye Beach

Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon is great spot to find some exceptional art...indoors, name it.

Before I moved to Newport I had no idea that there was such an artist community (primarily in Nye Beach) and that it encompasses many mediums. 

The first two photos are of a mural (photographed in two pieces) located on the Yaquina Art Gallery Building in Nye Beach.

Beach Mural

Beach Scene Murals
OK! I take my camera and I walk around Nye Beach and photograph all the art I can find. Cool sculptures, mosaics whatever I can find.

An Art Sculpture At Nye Beach

Mosaic Art At Nye Beach

Mosaic Art At Nye Beach

Bench Art At Nye Beach

One of the renowned spots in Nye Beach is the Sylvia Beach Hotel (link). I won't go into any vivid description of the hotel other than say that it features some twenty rooms named after prominent authors. A must place to visit and stay while in Newport.

They were kind enough to let me photograph some of the wall in the lobby and another in one of the rooms.

Sylvia Beach Hotel

Art In The Sylvia Beach Hotel

Art In The Sylvia Beach Hotel

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