Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chowder Bowl Newport

If you have been kind and good to others all your life may you end up at the Chowder Bowl one day to sample their great food... it's that special!  

In a nutshell: "Nobody else's clam chowder comes close. They have a seafood platter that is a "bet you can't eat it all" and is to die for. Their fish and chips are right up there with super great and delicious!"

And, if you don't do the "seafood" thing...well, they have a chili burger that won't wait! Best chili burger I have ever had. 

My wife and I went there for lunch on Veteran's Day (our third visit). I had my prized USMC shirt on and they bought my lunch for me...no ifs, ands or buts. They really didn't have to buy my lunch but, it also tells you alot about the folks at the Chowder Bowl.

It is located at 728 NW Beach Drive in Newport, Oregon in the Nye Beach District.

I only have two photos for you...the first is an early afternoon shot and the other is an very early morning shot the previous day.

Chowder Bowl - Nye Beach - Newport Oregon

Chowder Bowl - Nye Beach - Newport Oregon

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