Thursday, December 26, 2013

Neskowin Oregon

Neskowin, Oregon is a bit north of Lincoln City and is like night and day in comparison. Lincoln City is more of an Oregon Coast tourist attraction and Neskowin is a laid back community.

Almost laid back to a fault!

For years our family had a cabin in Neskowin, built in the 1930's, fairly close to the has been sold since.

As a family, we still miss the cabin and it's roots. Mainly, it's the setting. There are very few beaches, communities like it on the entire coast.

If you are looking for a laid back vacation, a neat place to stay...this is it! There are no shopping malls, gas stations, huge grocery stores, Home Depots, Walmarts. Too, hopefully, your cell phone, TV and laptop go numb on you.

There is a cool gourmet market where a few bare necessities can be had and a cool cafe.

The name of the market is the "Neskowin Trading Company"...a deli, market and wine shop. This and the "Hawk Creek Cafe" are in the first photo here.

The Hawk Creek Cafe is a must place to eat...the building in the foreground...gourmet pizza and lot's of other delicious entrees.

If you like walking, Neskowin is a "Walker's Paradise". You can walk on the beach or through the residential area and never get tired of the walks...Hey, walk over to the "Hawk Creek Gallery" just across 101 and check out Michael Schlicting's water colors. Years ago we purchased two of his originals..what a great artist.

I took some random shots here and, I left out the famous "Proposal Rock" on purpose.

Neskowin Oregon

Neskowin Oregon
 This is a photo of the "Neskowin Library"...this is it!

Neskowin Oregon
 A view of the beach!

Neskowin Oregon

Neskowin Oregon

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