Saturday, June 7, 2014

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market

The Toledo, Oregon Farmers Market is the second longest running in Oregon. And, it happens from 10am to 3pm on Thursdays during the spring and summer months...Saturdays during the winter months.

It is held on Main Street and, it isn't confined to a certain parking lot or area. It is scattered up and down Main Street.

Another thing that is unique, are that the regular stores and shops along the way are integrated into it. This makes for both a huge and interesting market. Whoever is responsible for the planning has their "ducks lined up"!

Entertainers are spread out too. Although, they may not be part of the official deal.

If you don't know, Toledo is about seven miles from the Oregon Coast and Newport. It is really a coastal town, but it is far enough inland to grow tomatoes (kind of a joke, it's hard to grow them in Newport where I live).

So what are you going to do when you go to the Central Oregon Coast? You are going to visit the Toledo Farmers Market...right? You are going to visit Toledo anyway...right?

Trivia time: Toledo is named after Toledo, Ohio...but, what is Toledo, Ohio named after and how come?

OK! Here we go with the random photos!

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market - Playing For Tips?

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market - Saddle Repair?

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market - A Wine Cork Wreath

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market - Botanical Sweets and Treats

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market

Toledo Oregon Farmers Market
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