Monday, June 9, 2014

Yaquina River And More

There is a lot of talk about Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon but, not much conversation about the Yaquina River which flows westerly into the Bay.

It is approximately fifty miles long and, starts just west of Corvallis in the Siuslaw National Forest. In fact, as you head from Corvallis on Highway 20 to the coast you see it but, not necessarily at it's prime.

However, if you really want to take in a cool scenic route you have to travel the Yaquina Bay Road from Newport to Toledo or, vice versa. It follows the river to a "T" and, there are some cool stops along the way.

In a car, it's scenic but, not many places to pull over. Probably the best route is on a bike because it is easier to park along the way.

The first three photos here were taken in Toledo which is seven miles from Newport. The fourth photo was taken about halfway along Yaquina Bay Road.
There is a ship repair place right in Toledo. You see a little of this in the second and third pics. These are not small boats they are working on.

After the boats, there are a bunch of random photos taken in Toledo. One of my favorite places is the "Things Found Mercantile & Gallery"...really a different type of an antique store with extremely good prices on their merchandise. A five star place to visit.

We had lunch at "Gracie Mae's Bakery and Cafe"...a neat place to eat! Not just another boring place to eat! Cool grits! Check 'em out!

Yaquina River

Yaquina River

Yaquina River

Yaquina River

A Salute To Our Veterans In Toledo Oregon

One Of Many Cool Benches In Toledo Oregon

Some Cool Art - Toledo Oregon

Toledo Oregon
Things Found Mercantile and Gallery - Toledo Oregon

Gracie Mae's Bakery and Cafe - Toledo Oregon

The Roost Apartments Along Main Street - Toledo Oregon

Things Found Mercantile and Gallery - Toledo Oregon

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