Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wild Flowers On The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast, for that matter, Oregon has some beautiful wild flowers. Since I live less than a mile from the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area in Newport, I can walk there and take in the flowers and the sights almost anytime.

Armed with my point and shoot camera, I trek up the hill. As I get past the entry point to the park, I jaunt down to the old "rock quarry'' by the water and, then back up again...then to the end of the Yaquina Head where the lighthouse is.

The different views are magnificent! Everywhere you look there are gorgeous wild flowers. Not a lot of different varieties necessarily but, enough beauty to satisfy the soul. Lots of daisies and lots of purple flowers that I don't know the name of...and, different grasses and horse tail plants.

Wild Flowers - Daisies and Horse Tails

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area - Looking down on part of the old rock quarry

Purple Wildflowers

Horse Tail Plants

Purple Wild Flowers, Grasses and Daisies

Wild Grasses

Looking Up At The Crest Of Yaquina Head

Looking Toward Agate And Nye Beaches - You can just about make out the Yaquina Bay Jetty in the middle of the photo!

Wild Flowers, Berry Bushes, Daisies and Horse Tails

Purple Wild Flowers - Looking down to the Pacific Ocean

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