Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cool Bayfronts

If you have been good all your life and kind to others, as a reward, may you end up on the Historic Bayfront in Newport, Oregon. It's that cool!

This is not a travel blog but, I can tell you that the Bayfront, with all its restaurants and shops, is one of many cool places in Newport  to spend your family vacation. You can spend hours and hours there but, there is also the Nye Beach District, Yaquina Outstanding Natural Area, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Mark Hatfield Marine Science Center, NOAA, and if all else fails...spend all your time on pristine beaches surfing, sun bathing, walking.

The first shot here is of Ocean Bleu at Gino's. A combo seafood market and restaurant.

I photographed this at night, actually late at night because there were no cars around to spoil the scene. Too, I captured a nice silhouette of the houses up on the bluff. 

Ocean Bleu at Gino's - Newport, Oregon
 A few crab rings next to a seafood processing plant on the Bayfront.

Crab Rings - Newport, Oregon

 Home of the largest fishing fleet on the Oregon Coast.

Port of Newport - Dock 5
 Sea Lions...people watch them from a dock all day long!

Sea Lions Galore - A rather noisy bunch!
 Back to Gino's!

Ocean Bleu at Gino's - Newport, Oregon
 Bay of many restaurants on the Bayfront.

Historic Bayfront - Bay 39 - Newport, Oregon
 What's a bayfront without a tackle shop?

Harry's Bait and Tackle - Newport, Oregon

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