Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Old Car Posters

Check out these cool posters on my website! I have added links on as to where to buy the following car posters. They are all one of a kind!

The prices run from a little over $12.00 through about $60.00 depending on the size. And, of course more depending if you have them framed or whatever.

No funny "trick you links"...all links belong to my website at Fine Art America.

1949 Chevy Truck Poster(Link)
This is one trick Chevy Pickup! It was located in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. It sits next to a nostalgic Flying A Service Station that is really a motorcycle accessory outlet. But, you would never know it looking at it from the outside.

39 Ford Coupe Poster (Link)
I owned a turquoise 39 Ford Coupe when I was in high school...white walls and moon caps! Parts of it were blacked out. I later replaced the flathead six that was in it for a Merc engine.

1949 Pepsi Logo Chevy Panel Truck Poster (Link)
I found this cool Pepsi Truck on the Oregon Coast...restored to perfection! Went back to where it was a year later and it was gone.

1911 Overland Automobile Poster (Link)
Found the Overland in a museum in Oregon! Absolutely pristine! There were details on the automobile that were mind blowing!

38 Chevrolet Classic Automobile Poster

The color on this Chevy, I think is a metallic Robin's Egg Blue. It's a beautiful car inside and out!

Ford Hot Rod In Action Poster (Link)
This is a car I photographed at a car show in Oregon City, Oregon. Just a cool looking Rod with plenty of horsepower.

USA 1 Poster (Link)
I don't think I have ever seen an engine compartment detailed like this one on this muscle car or, any other car! Ooh, and I think it goes fast, too!

1938 Ford Convertible Poster (Link)
 This is one of my favorite photographs! Yes, it's a beater but a cool looking beater just sitting in a field!

The Molalla Truck Poster (Link)

Another favorite photograph! An old, old truck. It was sitting in a junk yard. It is sort of a leaner.

The Red Hot Rod Poster (Link)
Another pristine, good looking engine red!

That's it for now. Hey, keep coming back as I plan on adding more!

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