Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walking Tour Carson City Historic District

Carson City, Nevada is an interesting place! First, it is the capitol of Nevada and, second it has a historic area that is super impressive to say the least.

My wife and I took a self-guided tour of the historic area. I am sure we missed a few things because we didn't go on a guided tour. However, we did discover some of the high points of the tour as we walked through the area.

The first place we ran across was the home of Louis Prang (1824-1909)..."The Father of the American Christmas Card". He once lived in the beautiful home that's in the first photo.

He immigrated to the United States in 1850 and was trained as a lithographer. He started the greeting card movement in 1856. Some of his cards sold for a dollar each even then!

Louis Prang House
This next home the "Krebs-Peterson House" is where segments of "The Shootist" with John Wayne, James Stewart,Ron Howard,Harry Morgan and Lauren Bacall was filmed.

Krebs-Peterson House
Next, we skipped to the Nevada "Governor's Mansion". Very impressive and it seemed there were a lot of "worker bees" around to keep it that way.

 Nevada Governors Mansion

 Nevada Governors Mansion
Carson City Historic District
Mark Twain

St.Peter's Episcopal Church
St.Peter's Episcopal Church

Kit Carson Trail

Richard Kelley/Otto Schultz Home

Just A Cool Garden Along The Way

Just A Cool Garden Along The Way

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