Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Beach Tote Bags - Get Beachy!

Featuring some cool "Beachy Tote Bags"!  So why not get "Beachy"?

Since I live on the Oregon Coast in Newport, I have featured some of my favorite shots taken at various places on the coast.

All the photo art here is mine. You won't see these tote bags at the big box stores.

One of the most recognizable bridges in Oregon is the Yaquina Bay Bridge. It is art deco in style and was completed in 1936. It is still beautiful after all these years. It is featured on several of the totes here.

Besides Newport, Bandon Beach which is close to Coos Bay is one of my favorite places. In Bandon, the Coquille River Lighthouse, Horse Back Riding On The Beach, The Boardwalk and "After The Storm" is featured.

The Alsea Bay Bridge, which is in Waldport on the Coast, plus the "Sea Bench" in Yachats is featured.

Back to Newport, I featured the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and the "Newport Belle" which is a floating bed and breakfast.

All the links under the illustrated tote bags lead to my artist website "Thom Zehrfeld Photography".

The totes are $23.00 to start for a small tote...$26 for a larger tote. So, get an original beachy thing today!

Yaquina Bay Bridge At Sunset (Link)

Horse Back Riding On The Beach (Link)

Early Morning Yaquina Bay Bridge (Link)

Fishing Boats In Yaquina Bay (Link)

Sea Bench (Link)

After The Storm (Link)

Alsea Bay Bridge (Link)

Early Morning Belle (Link)

Afternoon At Cape Meares Lighthouse (Link)

Boardwalk At Bandon (Link)

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Two (Link)

View From South Beach (Link)

Embarcadero (Link)

Across From The Coquille River Lighthouse (Link)
My Lee (Link)

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