Friday, June 19, 2015

Quality Metal Prints For Sale

Metal art prints are becoming very popular and there is a reason. They turn out absolutely gorgeous and are extremely durable!

The colors in metal prints are super vibrant.  Also, the depth of coating in the process gives any fine art photograph a luminous quality that paper and like materials cannot duplicate.

With special coating, the prints have an archival value and durability without the need for a protective glass.

They are simply unlike any other finish that can be applied to an art piece. Prices for metal prints on my Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website vary according to size.

You can click on the various sizes as you follow the links. There is a size for every application and budget.

There is only a smattering of my work here. And, I have tried to diverse it...hopefully, something for everyone.

I have hundreds of fine art photography pieces on my Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website (Link) that can be converted into metal prints.

Please visit my website if you prefer a particular application. Thank you!

Now, on to the photos: 

The "Dahlia Field" below was captured at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm in Canby, Oregon. It is one of the most extensive dahlia growing farms on the planet. A must place to visit if you ever come to Oregon!

Dahlia Field (Link)

The scene is Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast. One of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

It was pouring down rain when this capture was made...more like a squall.  However, you catch a glimpse of the sun as it sets.

Bandon Beach Storm (Link)

Off to the right is the Newport Belle...a floating Bed and Breakfast. A unique and very cool place to stay when you visit Newport, Oregon on the Central Oregon Coast.

It is fairly close to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Mark Hatfield Marine Science Center. The famous Yaquina Bay Bridge is in the background.

Newport Belle At Dawn (Link)

The Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon is one of the most popular lighthouses on the Oregon Coast but, it hasn't been operational since the late thirties.

I wanted to capture part of the enormous piles of driftwood that litter the beach after a winters setting with the lighthouse in the background. The town of Bandon is in the background.

Coquille River Lighthouse And Driftwood (Link)

English Roses are among the most vibrant flowers on the planet! Morning dew lies on one of the pedals as the sun rises.

English Rose At Dawn (Link)

This is a classic 1950 Ford. Sort of rusty, but it should had been sitting there for awhile. It was captured on a farm in Molalla, Oregon.

Three different exposures were taken and then processed with High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography software to allow more detail in the photo!

Rusty But Coming At Ya! (Link)

The Magenta Garden Bench is located in Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon. During the growing season is an exiting place to go and take in their magnificent gardens. And, a great place to picnic!

The Magenta Garden Bench (Link)

Since I live in Newport, Oregon on the Central Oregon Coast it was appropriate to include the Yaquina Bay Bridge at sunset. Actually, it is after sunset which gives the sky and water an unusual look.

Yaquina Bay Bridge At Sunset (Link)
Below, is a capture of the Bandon Beach Boardwalk on the Oregon Coast. The boardwalk is unique in the sense that it is a quality outdoor art museum.

However, my photograph doesn't depict that. I have a thing about photographing other people art and I purposely didn't photograph the beautiful works of art displayed here and there.

Boardwalk At Bandon Beach (Link)
This capture was made at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. I applied a layered textured look over the original photo.

Tulip Fields (Link)

This is a 1946 Ford Coupe. It was photographed in Carson City, Nevada at a car show. The 46 Ford is the same style that was produced before the Second World War but curtailed because of the war. There was simply a delay in manufacturing the model.

I processed the photo through High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) which brings out more detail and color in a photo.

1946 Ford Coupe (Link)

This is the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon. Portland is know as "Bridge City"! The reason is because there are multiple bridges that cross the Willamette River, joining the East Side to the West Side (Downtown).

The Hawthorne Bridge, pictured here is also known as "Bicycle Bridge" because of the many bike riders that utilize it to go back and forth to work during the week.

Hawthorne Bridge At Sunset (Link)

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