Monday, June 22, 2015

Cool Canvas Prints For Sale

Canvas prints are popular for a reason! They can duplicate the look of an original oil, acrylic painting or fine art photography on a stretched canvas.

On my artist website, “Thom Zehrfeld Photography” (Link) you can choose from hundreds of fine art photography to convert onto varied canvas sizes and, at any budget level.

Below you will find a few examples of my work. If you desire a special photograph, or venue please visit the link above. Thank you!

The following is an abstract floral bush...robust color (farbe)!

Farbe (Link)
This is the Pagoda at the Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon. One of the most authentic and largest Japanese gardens outside of Japan!

The Pagoda is not far from the entrance to the Gardens. It actually covers up an ugly fire hydrant since the City of Portland insists that they have them in case of an emergency...which makes a lot of sense in case of a fire.

The cover up is an excellent idea since a hydrant just sitting out in those beautiful gardens would be a distraction. The Pagoda itself is a work of art.

Pagoda At The Japanese Gardens (Link)

Bandon, Oregon possesses some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Bandon is located on the Southern Oregon Coast and, a great place for a family vacation. This photography was taken during a downpour. The sun is starting to set which adds to the dynamics of the shot!

Bandon Beach Storm (Link)

An old circa 1924 Model T Ford Truck...captured on the Oregon Coast. This one was in pristine condition with finely finished wooden rails encompassing the bed of the truck.

Hey! A Model T Ford Truck (Link)

This is a capture that was taken from the South Beach Marina in Newport, Oregon on the Central Oregon Coast. Reflections from the sky and light give the Yaquina Bay water a very different look...almost eerie! Boats in the marina and the Yaquina Bay Bridge are in the background. Across the Bay is the Historic Bayfront.

View From South Beach (Link)
 This is photograph was taken in Eugene, Oregon. It is a cool neon sign that hangs over a studio where live jazz is broadcast. 

Jazz Station (Link)
 This gorgeous purple and white Iris was captured at Schreiner's Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon. A premier Iris growing farm that is a must place to see should you ever visit Oregon. 

Purple and White Iris (Link)

This is Seal Rock Beach on the Central Oregon Coast. The beach is a wonderful place to observe the many tide pools on minus tides.

The beach is pristine with very few people. Mainly, because it is a little off the beaten path.

Texture has been added to the photo to give it an unique look. Almost like a painting.

Sunrise At Seal Rock Beach (Link)

This is a circa 1958 Ford Edsel Ranger. Probably, a lot more popular now than when it first was manufactured.

The car was found on a farm in Molalla, Oregon. Three different exposure were made with the camera and all were combined to come up with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) version that brings out all the dynamics and color of a particular scene.

Ford Edsel (Link)

Hobo Junction, below is in Long Beach, Washington. You name the type of buoy and I am sure they have it.

This capture is perfect for dressing up a beach cabin/cottage with a nautical theme.  And, being a little patriotic at the same time.

Hobo Junction (Link)

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