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Portland Oregon Art For Sale

Since I spent some time growing up and living in Portland, Oregon I wanted to post some of the pictures I have taken of this wonderful city.

I have posted for sale, photos that I hope you will like. Most were taken from the East Bank.

You can purchase prints (in a variety of form) from my Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website. I have provided links under each photo here so you can chose an appropriate format, for example:

 1. Canvas Prints 
 2. Framed Prints
 3. Art Prints
 4. Acrylic Prints
 5. Metal Prints
 6. Greeting Cards
 7. i Phone Cases
 8. Galaxy Cases
 9. Throw Pillows
10. Duvet Covers
11. Tote Bags

As you can see there is a lot of variety in which to choose from and, for every budget level

Let's get started:

The Hawthorne Bridge is one of Portland's oldest a city known as "Bridge City"! It is also one of Portland's most popular bridges.

Hundreds of bicyclist cross the bridge daily to and, from their workplaces downtown. With all the bicycles, Portland is known as an environmentalist city and, they are proud of it!

Hawthorne Bridge At Sunset (Link)
The Union Station in Portland is an Oregon Landmark!  Construction of the station began in 1890 at a cost of  $300,000.

It officially opened on February 14, 1896. One of the highlights of the station is the 150 ft. tall Romanesque Revival clock tower. 

Portland Union Train Station (Link)

A street car headed for Gresham! It's a winter day and things are blustery!

Street Car To Gresham (Link)

Another name for the Hawthorne may be "Bicycle Bridge" because hundreds and hundreds bike over it daily. It is a bascule bridge (drawbridge).
Hawthorne Bridge (Link)

Captured from underneath the Morrison Street Bridge. Light is reflecting off of the support structure of the bridge giving it a golden hue.

Under The Bridge (Link)

Looking at Downtown Portland an East Bank dock! It is still "Blue Hour"! The Willamette River is calm and serene and, lights are reflecting off the water with no distortion.

View From The East Bank (Link)
This is the walkway to the Morrison Street Bridge! The capture is from the approach to the bridge from the Eastbank Esplanade and is looking west toward downtown.

The original bridge was built in 1887 and was a wooden truss swing span bridge. It was the first Willamette River bridge in Portland. And, had the distinction of the longest bridge west of the Mississippi River. The Morrison Street Bridge was rebuilt in the 1950's.

Walkway To The Morrison Street Bridge (Link)
Morrison Street Bridge during Cinco De Mayo time. It is traditionally celebrated at the west end of the Morrison Street Bridge in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.To the right is the colorful Ferris Wheel that is part of the celebration. The Willamette River is in the foreground!

Morrison Street Bridge At Cinco De Mayo (Link)

The Japanese Gardens, in Portland are five and half acres in size and, consists of 5 sub-gardens. One realizes a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility when visiting theses beautiful gardens!

Herons At The Japanese Gardens - PDX (Link)

This is the Pagoda at the Japanese Gardens. One of the most authentic and largest Japanese gardens outside of Japan! The Pagoda is not far from the entrance to the Gardens.

It actually covers up an ugly fire hydrant since the City of Portland insists that they have them in case of an emergency...which makes a lot of sense in case of a fire. The cover up is an excellent idea since a hydrant just sitting out in those beautiful gardens would be a distraction.

Pagoda At The Japanese Gardens - PDX (Link)

The Morrison Street Bridge! It is one of many bridges in Portland also known as Bridge City because of the many bridges that cross the Willamette River.

What is unique about this capture are the reflections off of the Morrison. Usually the water is not this still resulting in very little distortion of the colorful lights coming from the bridge. The Morrison is a basule bridge (drawbridge).
Morrison Street Bridge PDX (Link)
The Japanese Maple is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. It was captured late Fall in the Japanese Gardens! A magnificent place to visit should you ever decide to come to Portland or, even if you are from Portland.

 Japanese Maple Tree At The Japanese Garden - PDX (Link)

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