Friday, June 26, 2015

Car Prints For Sale

If you are a car buff you have come to the right place! I have included all type of cars, hot rods, classic cars.

On my website I have many more cars and trucks than what you will see below but, this will give you some idea of what my car prints are like. And, I try to be a little different in the way I present them.

You can purchase prints (in a variety of form) from my Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website. I have provided links under each photo here so you can chose an appropriate format, for example:

 1. Canvas Prints 
 2. Framed Prints
 3. Art Prints
 4. Acrylic Prints
 5. Metal Prints
 6. Greeting Cards
 7. i Phone Cases
 8. Galaxy Cases
 9. Throw Pillows
10. Duvet Covers
11. Tote Bags

As you can see there is a lot of variety in which to choose from and, for every budget level

Let's get started:

This is an old 1949 Chevy Truck sitting at a vintage Flying A Service Station in an Oregon town close to Portland! The pickup is absolutely pristine...very much like the exterior and interior of the station. Inside is lots of memorabilia featuring a simpler time!

49 Chevy Truck (Link)
Are we rearing to go down the road with this cool old 57 Buick Coupe? Strapped on is a matching neat is that?

57 Buick Gettin' Ready To Cruise (Link)
Captured at the Oregon City, Oregon Auto Show, "Rebull The Hot Rod" is just begging to race, whoever, whatever wants to race em'!

Rebull The T Bucket (Link)
A classic automobile from a car show in Carson City, Nevada! This one being a restored 1948 Mercury Convertible.

1948 Mercury Coupe (Link)
A-Bone is the colloquial term for Ford's Model A. The one photographed here has been extremely modified. The Model A was extremely popular after the Model T.

1930 A Bone (Link)
An classic 1938 Ford Convertible!  A patriotic scene...and not staged with the American Flag proudly displayed on this old vintage car. Closer inspection of the Ford will yield a car for parts and not one that has been restored.  

1938 Ford Convertible (Link)
 This is just a beautiful hot rod sitting on a side street in Oregon City, Oregon! Actually, it might be more accurate to say an antique car that has been restored to original condition.

Red Hot Rod (Link)
This is an old, I believe 1958 Ford Edsel Ranger...not a very popular car when it was manufactured. Now days it is extremely popular if you can find one! This one was found on a farm in Molalla,Oregon. Three different exposures were taken of the Edsel, processed through special software and converted to High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) which brings out more dynamics in a photo...closer to what the eyes perceive.

Ford Edsel (Link)
The DeSoto was traditionally priced between a Plymouth and a Chrysler. De Soto had been given a cool, more modern-looking design for the 1932 model year...resembling a Miller Racing car especially grill-wise.

32 DeSoto (Link)
The 1936 Cord automobile is a milestone in automotive design and engineering. One of the most beautiful cars on the planet irregardless of year or make.

The Cord (Link)
Model T Fords are very popular with hot rodders. This is what rodders call a "T Bucket"! Basically a two seater roadster.

T Bucket (Link)

An old circa 1924 Model T Ford Truck...captured on the Oregon Coast. 

Model T Truck (Link)
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