Saturday, August 6, 2016

1948 Packard Super 8 Touring Sedan

Packard automobiles are among the best luxury cars ever made. At one time, they outsold Cadillac.

Through the years, they were somewhat profitable but, at a point they decided to buy Studebaker to compete with Chevrolet and, that was their demise. Personally, I am more into the older Packards like, 1916 to about 1950 versus the later models.

For the most part, they were classy, well-built and absolutely gorgeous. This great old Packard was featured in a car show on the Oregon Coast.

The image has been converted to a digital painting that I hope you enjoy. If you would like to explore this image, or others, please see links below!

1948 Packard Super 8 Touring Sedan (LINK)

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