Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All Aboard The Old Excursion Railroad Car!

Get ready to board this open sided excursion railroad car! Probably a rail car that goes back many decades and, that has boarded thousands and thousands on scenic trips.

This particular car was found on the Oregon Coast in Tillamook. Yes, the place where they make cheese and, all the cows are happy cows!

Since the excursion car was found on the coast, tells me, since it is close, that it was once in use in Garibaldi, Oregon on scenic railroad tours along Tillamook Bay and also into the Nehalem Valley.

So, grab a picnic lunch and amble down the tracks as the locomotive winds along Tillamook Bay, or into Nehalem Valley while you take in all the beautiful scenery!

Although, you might have to use your imagination a bit here with this old excursion car.

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