Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vintage And Prestige Automobiles!

The Cord Automobile is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. And, certainly, among the most prestigious and innovative automobiles made at the time!

I captured many angles of the car...even being able to sit in the Cord and photograph the interior. And, I was privileged to spend a lot of time talking to the owner about his automobile.

I circled and circled the car. I did not find any flaws in a car that was eighty years old. When I sat in the car, everything interior-wise, like the dashboard looked dated, like it should. But, it looked brand new.

What blew my mind is that, hardly anyone was looking at the Cord. Folks were off gawking at the hot rods and eating hot dogs.

Most were oblivious to this beautiful automobile, which was a shame!

Cord was the brand name produced by the Auburn Automobile Company from 1929 to 1932 and again in 1936 and 1937.

The founder, E.L. Cord was responsible for building different and innovative cars. Unfortunately, they didn't always turn a profit.

However, you have to think about the era and the Great Depression. That had a lot to due with it.

This image has been converted to High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) and, also into a digital painting. Further, I changed the image that was in color to a selenium finish that I hope you enjoy. If you would like to explore this image, or others, please see links below!

Vintage And Prestige Automobiles..1936 Cord (LINK)

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